What does Executive Development Center do?

  • Job Placements
  • Internships
  • Job Fairs
  • Client dealing (managing & development)
  • Arranging seminars and workshops for student development


1. What is the criterion for hiring interns from SZABIST?

  • For BBAs – 6th semester onwards
  • For MBAs – 2nd semester onwards
  • The student will not be allowed to attend classes during the internship period.
  • Internship has to be for a minimum of six continuous weeks
  • Internship will be served only in the company selected by the college, but where possible, the students' preference will be accommodated.


2. Which programs do we offer?

  • BBA, MBA, BS Computing, Media Sciences (bachelors & masters), Social Sciences, BABS (University of wales Newport, UK Program), LLB, MS, PhD.


3. What is the total number of graduates every year for various programs?

  • BBAs graduating in May - more than 300 every year
  • MBAs graduating in May & Dec - more than 300 graduates every year
  • Media Sciences – 50 grads every year
  • Social Sciences, Law, Computing – 20 - 25 graduates every year for each program


4. How do we get the Graduate Directory?

Write an email to us requesting the GD for the desired year, with your name and the positions for which you wish to have it for, we'll email or courier it to you.


5. What is the criterion for the consideration of resume's for a job opening?

Usually, companies specify the qualifications of candidates which could be, for instance:
Final year MBA/ BBA etc; Major Field – Finance, Marketing etc; Age below 26 years etc. Or in some cases, apart from the above, only those who have already graduated are asked to apply.
All this information is duly mentioned in the email when EDC solicits applications.
Applications which do not conform to the laid down criteria by companies are not forwarded.
In some cases, on receipt of applications forwarded from here, the companies do their own short-listing and invite only some candidates for the interview test etc.
Please appreciate that we can not query why some applicants are not selected for further consideration.


6. We're interested in hiring SZABIST students for certain position in our company. What do we go about it?

Contact the EDO or Alumni Officer via email or phone. Email us the requirements and the eligibility criteria. The job description is going to be accessible to the students for review on the website and the e-group, and interested candidates can accordingly send their resume' to the EDC.
After compilation & screening of resume's, the officers will send the resume's to the concerned person in the company. We request the company for updates and feedback on the résumé's within 3 weeks of receiving the profiles from our end.