Employer Survey Form 2014-2015


Resource Requirements

1) Approximately how many fresh graduates did your company recruit in 2014-2015?

2) In which month do you finalize your annual human resource needs?


3) The three departments in your organization with the most (entry-level) human resource needs were:




4) How many fresh graduates are you planning to hire in 2016?

5) Rate the following skills and traits required in graduates hired by your organization on a scale of 1-5(1 being the most valuable skill and 5being the least valuable skill):

Analytical Skills Decision Making Interpersonal Skills Grooming
Communication Skills Leadership Potential Conflict Management / Negotiation Time Management
Team Building Subject / Area Knowledge    

Recruitment Selection

6) Select the recruitment strategies most often employed by your organization:

Company Website Job Postings

Hiring Agency

Employee Referrals

Online Job Boards


University Placement Department

Career Fair Participations

Social Media

Newspaper Advertisement

7) Please rate the following information in terms of relevance 1to 5 (1 being most relevant and 5 being least relevant) recommended for an fresh graduates position.

Internships CGPA Most Recent Degree Graduating School
International/Local Degree      

8) What are your organization’s criteria for selecting an educational institute for conducting an on-campus recruitment drive? Please rate the following information in terms of relevance 1- 5 (1 being most relevant and 5 being least relevant)

Your Experience with Placement Office University Ranking Your Experience with Graduates Market Reputation of University
Market Reputation of Program    

9) What is the starting salary (take home) for the following position in your organization?

Salary RangeExperience



45k plus

SZABIST Related Questions

10) Please identify the number of the SZABIST graduates hired by your organization during 2012–2013 from the following programs:

ProgramNo. of Hiring

BS Computer Science

BS Media Sciences

BS Social Sciences

BE Mechatronics Engineering

BS Biosciences




MS Computer Science

MS Management Sciences

MS Social Sciences

MS Media Studies



11) Please rate the SZABIST graduates working in your organization on the following skills.

Communication Skills (Oral, Written and Presentation)

Knowledge of the Subject Matter


Personal Management

Management and Leadership Skills

12) How did you communicate your resource needs to SZABIST?

13) How would you rate your interaction with the EDC department?

14) What should be done to improve SZABIST’s interaction with your organization?