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    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Bilawal Khoso - BSMS Alum of 2008

    Assistant Professor of Art at Graceland University USA

    SZABIST provided the right combination of educational framework in media studies and the network and support system of faculty, mentors and peers for me. The institution pushed me to realize my potential and base my interests in graphic design and pursue my career in it in Pakistan and eventually in USA. Based on my diverse portfolio I was able to secure full scholarship for MFA program in US and pursue a rewarding career in industry and academia.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Ali Asad - Alum of 2005

    Brand Manager - Chilled Dairy at Fauji Foods Limited

    Knowledge is having the right answer; intelligence is asking the right question. My 5 years of both Bachelors and Masters from SZABIST helped me gain that exceptional intellect to overcome many fears and obstacles of professional life and gave me the confidence to take a stance for myself at every step of my career both as a learner and a team builder. Today, the hard work of my professionals back at SZABIST is reflective through my work and performance, for which I receive acknowledgment and appreciation till date. Be it working for top notch media agencies like GroupM, or leading telcos like Telenor, or leading dairy companies like Fauji Foods Ltd, I am recognised for my consistent dedication towards my targets and sincerity for organisational goals. All credit goes to this amazing educational platform 'SZABIST'.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Yumna Ziaullah - BBA Alum of 2008

    Senior Brand Manager (NIVEA) at Beiersdorf Canada

    You can’t be a successful business professional today without a uniquely defined personal brand and I can say without a doubt SZABIST excels in helping you find just that! Through the diversity of its faculty, programs, student body, a project and case study based approach, and finally the many extra-curricular opportunities that allow you to gain practical experience; SZABIST was the perfect school to obtain a BBA from and my time there has been invaluable in setting me off on a career trajectory I feel proud of today.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Hunaid Saleem - BBA Alum of 2012

    Director at Samama Construction Co.

    I did my BBA from SZABIST, I was enrolled in 2012. Four years at SZABIST was a wonderful experience. The environment of SZABIST helps the student to polish their skills in a better way and helps them to build their personalities to face all the challenges of professional life. For me, SZABIST was like second home, it helped me develop skills which helped me in my further studies and professional life. After doing my BBA from SZABIST, I went to London for my Masters. Studying abroad made me realise that the quality of education at SZABIST is so commendable. I felt MBA like a piece of cake, this is because SZABIST taught me a lot which made it easy for me. The teachers at SZABIST are very experienced and helpful. Some of them are still in touch with me and still guide me. During these 4 years, I met a lot of talented and hardworking people , as a result I made life long friendships with great souls. In a nutshell, SZABIST is an institute which produces great personalities with competitive skills. I would highly recommend SZABIST to the people who are planning to opt for universities now.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Angelee Bhajan - Alum of 2009

    Trade Marketing Manager at Unilever Canada Inc.

    I am a true believer of the fact that when it comes to learning, it should be both theoretical and practical. I can proudly say that is what SZABIST is all about. While they had a wide variety of courses to choose and learn from, the courses always comprised of case studies and projects which gave us so much practical experience that we apply to our jobs everyday. It was a unique experience where from the start we were evolving. SZABIST groomed me from a student to a professional and has given me a great Alumni network to be a part of. Every step towards success that I have taken, has definitely been fuelled by the years I spent doing my BBA and MBA.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Jasir Kamal - BBA Alum of 2014

    Business Analyst at FIANZ Inc. New Zealand

    My 4 years at SZABIST have definitely changed my approach towards my career and life in general. This institution has proven its power of diversity by bring students from different backgrounds and uplifting everyone on same scale. It has been an honour to receive a gold medal from one of the finest university in Pakistan. I would give this credit to our professors who have shown me new paradigm of learning by balancing well between theory and application. Before 2010 being an accountant was all I wanted to be but SZABIST helped me in identifying that world is much bigger than I see.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Hassan Najam - BBA Alum of 2015

    Yoga Instructor and Fitness Professional

    Along with an educational institution SZABIST is a community where you get to learn to work as a team and know your identity and true value.
    With it's well seasoned faculty and close nit learning environment you evolve as a master to your pursuit of excellence. My passion to follow as a fitness professional and yoga instructor began at SZABIST. Today I have the right business tools to enhance my passion and make the best for myself. SZABIST allows your passion to live.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Rija Bakhtiar - BSSS Alum of 2017
    MSSS Alum of 2019

    Social Scientiest and Makeup Artist

    Having spent about 6 years at SZABIST, I achieved way more than just becoming a fine Social Scientist.
    This place provided me with the right exposure and the confidence I always needed to bring out my hidden abilities and skills.
    By the end of my tenure at SZABIST in 2019, I was already a well reputed makeup artist. Today, I am not just a successful entrepreneur running two different businesses, 'Makeup by Rija Bakhtiar' and 'A pinch of Salt', but also a proud alumni of SZABIST who can assure the rest of the students here that they can definitely be as successful as anyone else if they only focus on bringing out the qualities hidden in them.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Syed Osama Sarwar - BBA Alum of 2012

    Co-Founder and CEO at Neuroi; A Google Partner Agency

    My experience from graduation up until today has been unbelievably amazing. When I enrolled in the BS Media Sciences program back in 2008, the entire industry was skeptical as to how media sciences graduates would find jobs. Fast forward - by the time I graduated, I had figured out how to create an environment where I'm able to provide jobs instead of looking one for myself and Alhumdolillah built a Google Partner digital agency that played its role in changing the industry landscape and promoting merit. I will always be thankful to SZABIST for the wonderful 4 year experience.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Hira Junejo - BBA Alum of 2008

    Cognitive Behavorial Therapist

    There was a motivation to join SZABIST, I had seen some very close people transforming from crude to refined after joining SZABIST.
    To me, Education isn’t meant to be earned on a piece of paper, it serves the purpose only when it leads us to progression. And that’s exactly what I have achieved being in SZABIST.
    If today I can speak confidently on various platforms across the globe, it is due to what I have learnt in SZABIST. I was lucky to get the faculty members who literally broadened my vision towards life.
    Nonetheless I have found my bunch of amazing friends for life who are still my support system.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Sadaf Gul Shaikh – Alum of 2012

    Head of Human Resource at Attock Cement Pakistan Limited

    Thinking about life at SZABIST takes me to years of that part of my life where a student comes with drams, aspirations and some kind of fear about challenges to be faced in a University Life. SZABIST has helped me in learning to deal with all kinds of emotions by providing a conducive environment where students are trained to not only be book smart but also in becoming the street smart professional. Projects and learn based assignments actually groom you unconsciously and thus we being SZABISTIANS hold an important position in corporate world today. I am thankful to SZABIST faculty for giving me unconditional opportunities to grow and prove myself in outside world.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Faraz Iqbal - Alum of 2009


    The Media Sciences program at SZABIST has been a game changer for me. The whole four years were nothing less than a roller coaster ride. From the basic courses of Photography & Writing to advance hardcore courses of Film Production, really helped me imagine creatively and enhanced my critical thinking ability. This program has helped me strengthen my visual storytelling skills overall, and specifically in honing my talent as a Cinematographer.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Gul Zaib Shakeel - Alum of 2012

    Head of Content Development at Teeli

    The Media Studies Program has been smartly designed to balance the theory and practical components of filmmaking, which ensures that the university isn’t simply churning out technicians but writers, directors, cinematographers and editors capable of thought beyond what is taught. The students have access to soundproof studio space and a well-equipped media cage, which through the grapevine we discovered film programs in other universities had not invested in.
    Stepping outside the classroom (and studio!), the university has a range of societies and extracurricular activities for students to participate in, encouraging inter-department camaraderie. Even the Students Council elections are a great opportunity for students to develop leadership skills and curate the social calendar.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Danish Abdul Razzak - Alumni of 2011

    Technical Lead Fleet Vehicles at TOYOTA Pakistan

    I have been exposed to a 360 degree experience by studying Mechatronics from SZABIST, Karachi. The Mechatronics program was elaborative, interesting, and practical for my work needs. The staff were welcoming and helpful in grooming me , and I gained so much more than I was expecting and I have a lot of great memories of my time at SZABIST with friendship and memories of organizing events and being part of event's itself. I fondly remember days which involved teamwork which were encouraging and enhanced my external forte and enhanced my soft skills.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Sanam Pathan - Alum of 2009

    National Consultant at UNDP

    The first practical life mantra that I learnt at SZABIST was “work smart”! My journey began as a student with many honourable listings and scholarships followed by a Gold Medal to my credits and then published researches in JISR and other accredited journals. I cannot thank SZABIST enough for bringing the best out in me by not just facilitating the process of strengthening my competence but also serving to discover my talent. In past 16 years of working life I got chances to work with big MNCs like Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever and other international names but heading the EDC, SZABIST has been one of its own kind and of course the most significant one too. SZABIST is truly an institution that gives its students entrepreneurial guts to experiment and equip them with learning experience that harnesses and craft their future in the right direction.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Dr Tariq Masood - Alum of 2017

    Public Health Professional & JSI as a Consultant (Senior Immunization Technical Advisor) in EPI Sindh

    SZABIST provides unique opportunities for the middle-class working personals who can pursue their master’s degrees while doing their jobs as well to run their families. I was lucky enough in this sense to avail this opportunity in weekend-evening program of Masters in Public Health (MPH) in the very first batch (2015-2017).
    Quality wise, MPH in SZABIST is equal to any other high profile institutes of Public health in the country, as most of the faculties are the same who have been teaching in AKU, Dow, APNNA etc. It is HEC recognized degree and that is why I got advantages after completion of MPH, by getting promotion in my own organization. Secondly, the strict rules and regulations of SZABIST enforce the completion of the degrees in allocated time period, which really save the time in comparison to other institutes offering MPH in the country. Experience wise, SZABIST provides you the lifetime memorable learning experience blended with field exposure.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Imran Mir - Alum of 2016

    Associate at Syed Mahdi Chambers

    My education from the University of London International Programme at SZABIST has served me well in my career. The degree itself helped me get promoted, and my success in the degree program helped me progress well in my career. SZABIST provided me with a conventional university environment which enhanced the distant learning experience.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Zahra Baray- Alum of 2011

    Content Marketer at Muhimma Digital Platform

    SZABIST has offered an enriching learning experience with a great blend of practical implementation of concepts and the usual 'follow the book'. From visiting old retail markets and conducting retail structure analysis to putting up stalls at Sunday bazar, from presenting Anarkali- Zara Hut Ke at PACC to being a Gold medalist in Public Relations, from heading the Marketing Society to acting as a Hawker at Eid Bachat Bazar, SZABIST has been the stage for polishing all of ones skills. Can't thank SZABIST enough for teaching me to never give up and giving me the identity I carry today. Proud to be a SZABISTIAN!

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Amireeta Kumari, Alum of 2007

    Senior Consultant, Sustainability and Change, ERM Asia Pacific

    Doing my undergrad at SZABIST has been instrumental in developing me as a business leader. While pursuing my BBA, I learnt so much from our great faculty who has always been supportive on both personal and professional ends even after I finished my degree. Besides our commendable faculty, I also enjoyed the company of the dynamic and talented class mates both working formally on school projects and socially. As a result I made life long friendships with some great souls I have come across in life. Other than courses, SZABIST also provided me with the platform where I was able to develop leadership capabilities through student led organizations like AIESEC and Rotary Club. I established and ran these organizations together with other Zabistians and students from other institutions.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Moaviya Zahid- Alum of 2014

    Senior Manager - Content & Influemcers at Wavemaker MENA

    "Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs. I understood these words way after I graduated from SZABIST but I believe these words were the gist of my time in SZABIST. I was never a bookworm but coming from a family who has graduates from Oxford, DMC, NED and likes, my family always expected me to walk in their shoes. After doing my BBA and MoA from SZABIST, today I am proud to say that I have achieved a place to stand next to them with my head held high. My time in SZABIST taught me great many things. It equipped with the knowledge and the tools required for excelling in the marketing field. It also introduced me to many gurus of the marketing world.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Mustafa Brohi- Alum of 2007

    SVP - Head of Strategic Partnerships, JS Bank

    The years spent at any university are essentially the building blocks of your career and upcoming professional life. My overall experience at SZABIST was intellectually enriching and a memorable one. SZABIST shapes your ability to challenge status quo, by assessing information, evaluating mutiple perspectives and then formulating well rounded opinions.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Muhammad Aaqib Vatao - Alum of 2009

    Senior Commercial Leader - Amazon | Procter & Gamble USA

    The business program at Szabist not only helped in polishing my existing skills but also helped develop new skillsets that I continue to utilize in my day to day work even today. The first time I had to do a presentation was in my first semester and by the time I graduated I had mastered the art of public speaking, which today helps me present ideas and solutions to C level executives at both Amazon and P&G. The opportunity to learn from some of the best faculty in the country with each course being taught by an industry expert gave us the best head-start we could’ve asked for. Apart from academics, the friendships and bonds I developed at Szabist led to lifelong friendships and the time spent at Szabist always brings back very found memories of those days. The 6 years I spent at Szabist doing my Bachelors and Masters proved out to be the best investment I’ve ever made.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Abdul Majid Yousfani - Alum of 2002


    "Studying at SZABIST was a great learning experience that broadened my view of the world. The variety of courses offered in the MBA program was instrumental in developing understanding of how businesses operate profitably, create employment opportunities and interact with the society. This course provided me a platform to face new challenges in the fields of public management and trade diplomacy. I would always cherish the memories relating these years of my life and interaction with the faculty and friends. I have capitalized on the networks developed apart from the knowledge and skills acquired from the specialized courses during this program."

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Umamah Solangi – Alum of 2017

    Assistant Director BSP, Agriculture Department, Government of Sindh

    "MBA from SZABIST was one of the profound experiences I ever had. It not only broadened my horizon but also enriched my knowledge and perspective towards practical implementation. SZABIST provided me a multi-dimensional platform, where I was able to enhance my skills and research analytical abilities to stand out in the job market".

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Ashiq Hussain Jatoi – Alum of 2015

    Monitoring & Evaluation Officer at Government of Sindh

    SZABIST brought 360 degree transformation in my personal life and enhanced my interpersonal skills. Experience teachers' motivation enabled me to qualify the prestigious commission exam through SPSC. I am an Assistant Commissioner through Ce 2018 conducted by Sindh Public Service Commission. Thank you SZABIST.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Zeeshan Khan - Alum of 2013

    Senior Manager Organizational Development at TCS Private Limited

    SZABIST is one of those institutes that transformed me significantly - not just academically but personally and professionally as well. I did my bachelors and masters in Business Administration, my education at SZABIST broaden up my mind to understand complex concepts and models of business. After so many years in professional life, I am still using my HR and OD competencies that I acquired from this institute. I am a proud SZABISTian.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Muhammad Asad Faruqi - Alum of 2011

    Freelance Producer/ Cinematographer

    I graduated from SZABIST in 2011 and my time at university taught me a great many things. Aside from giving me essential knowledge of the primary basics of film making and photography, I was introduced to many important people working in the media industry, many of whom I have worked with and keep in touch with even today. Some of these people were my teachers and they taught me to create films that were simple yet artful, and appealed to the emotions and interests of every person.
    SZABIST is one of the few universities in the country that offers essential experience with cameras, lights and other tools of film making without knowledge of which one cannot make a film. Much of my time spent at university was behind a camera, as I worked on the thesis films of my fellow students. The experience I gained was and is, to this day, applied to my work and was instrumental in the making of 'Children of the Taliban' and 'Saving Face', two films directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and that have been received many accolades internationally.
    I wish all the students studying currently at SZABIST and its future students the very best. Much can be gained from the BSMS degree if you apply yourself diligently. Good Luck!

    Alumni SZABIST Mr. Muhammad Asad Faruqi won his first Emmy as a director for "Armed with Faith" in the "Outstanding Politics and Government Documentary" category. Mr. Asad, a graduate of 2011 batch from Faculty of Media Sciences, has also worked as a cinematographer on Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s Oscar and Emmy winning films.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Muhammad Anas Niaz and Ovais Hussain Qureshi

    Two of SZABIST’s Alumni’s Mr. Muhammad Anas Niaz and Ovais Hussain Qureshi have recently developed Pakistan's first functional light weighted Prosthetic arm a (denoting an artificial body part) that can be controlled by giving commands via the brain. This contribution is like giving a new life to the disabled people who can now work for themselves and participate in the society. Mr. Anas and Mr. Awais were graduate of 2018 and 2015, respectively, at SZABIST Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering (BEME) program. They got selected to represent Pakistan in GITEX 2016 (the world’s largest technological exhibition held in Dubai). Their company, Viscous.co started when studying in SZABIST, have been reviewed onto many different international forums such as Gulf News, Saudi Gazette and Forbes.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Gul Pashmina - Alum of 2017

    Talent Acquisition Lead at Philip Morris International

    I have had a great experience throughout my years of MBA at 'SZABIST', I had countless opportunities to develop my analytical skills, leadership and proactive thinking through various programs and events. These attributes are the key reasons for my successful career today.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Fizza Shah - Alum of 2013

    Creative Director at IAL Saatchi & Saatchi

    Four years spent studying Media Sciences at SZABIST laid a strong foundation for my career and helped me in paving the right path to a bright future. The curriculum covered a variety of courses that polished my skills and increased my knowledge in the relevant areas. The faculty on the other hand was always supportive and their encouragement was truly valuable. These four years were like an exciting rollercoaster ride and the experience was a memorable one.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Zain Goplani – Alum of 2014

    OD Consultant and Management Trainer

    It was a great journey studying BS Media Sciences from SZABIST, Karachi. The BS program was elaborative, interesting, and practical for my work needs. Both the faculty and administrative staff were welcoming and helpful, and I gained so much more than I expected. I have a lot of great memories of my time at SZABIST. The part that I most remember about those days was all the group activities and teamwork which were encouraging and enhanced my potential throughout. It was great to be able to interact with and meet people who you may have never been able to meet before, and this gave a solid foundation to make life-long friends.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Anoshia Majeed – Alum of 2011

    Head of Marketing at IDEAS by Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited

    My six years at SZABIST doing BSMS and MBA have been a life changing journey. I now realize that it prepared me for the challenges that I face at workplace on daily basis. The course structure instilled a critical analysis approach to problem-solving. I would recommend everyone to choose SZABIST as professors there are very interested in making you realize your true potential. You’ll make friends from diverse backgrounds and everyday conversations with them will groom you to be the leader of tomorrow. Apart from curriculum, all the extracurricular activities and projects played a pivotal role in transforming my personality in both professional and personal settings. SZABIST provided me the necessary knowledge and tools that continue to be an integral part of my life. Thanks to well-structured courses and the best help from SZABIST’s highly qualified professors, my core concepts were solidified, I successfully completed my Masters and embarked upon a successful career path.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Nida Siddiqui – Alum of 2013

    Head of E-Commerce at Bonanza Garments Industries Pvt Ltd

    I graduated from SZABIST with a BS in Social Sciences in 2013 soon after which I enrolled in the MOA programme (for advertising). During my four-year bachelors programme, I gained a skillset that helped me kick-start my professional life with confidence as at SZABIST, among other areas, there is a focus on polishing the communication skills of students. Other than this, I owe it to my teachers of Social Sciences for making me grow into an individual who knows the meaning of celebrating diversity, team work and unbiased leadership. The one-and-a-half-year MOA programme was a refresher as, I had started my professional life. It made me realise, how important it is to stay in touch with the academia and to keep oneself updated as, a fulltime 9-5 job is not enough for personal, as well as, professional growth.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Ayaz Arshad – Alum of 2018

    Marketing Manager - Modern Retail & E-Commerce at Team A Ventures (Pvt) Ltd

    SZABIST is a multicultural university that provides its students with a diverse, friendly and vibrant ethos. This enabled me to stand out in the ocean of graduates and fall on a successful career growth. The experienced faculty from relevant industries added to my understanding of the market culture and methodology. I enrolled in SZABIST in fall 2012 for the BBA program and left in spring 2018 after completing my MBA. Highly recommended for students with an itch of being the one.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Mariam Feroz Alvi- Alum of 2017

    AM Digital Transformation & Robotics | CSM Haircare Category at Unilever

    I don’t know where to start but I know for sure that I have spent the most incredible years of my life at SZABIST. It was a pleasure completing my B.E Mechatronics from SZABIST and I am super proud of it. SZABIST not only made me polish my technical skills but the growth that I see in my own self as a person is invaluable. It is quite hard for me to close this in few lines as there is a huge list of things that I love about this institute. I learned to not just work hard but also to work smart and it is a lesson I will keep with myself all my life. I have broadened my horizons, and established the foundations for success in my career over here. I have gained some valuable experience by organizing successful events like ZAB E-fest and also by heading the publications department of ASME. I would like to take this as an opportunity to thank my amazing teachers for always pushing me beyond my limits and believing in me. Nonetheless, I am confident and proud to say that having chosen SZABIST as a platform to pursue my education was the one of the wisest decisions I've ever made throughout my life.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Muhammad Raza Zaidi - Alum of 2015

    Head – Chat & Conversational Banking at Bank Alfalah

    Being a student at ‘SZABIST’ had been an enriching & glorious learning experience; both during my ‘BBA’ and ‘MBA’ tenure. From the faculty, environment, culture, down to the management - has all played its due part, to support, enlighten and curb the individual I am today. I am nothing short of ‘proud’; of my institute, being its alumnus - for it has a pivotal role in nurturing my skills & knowledge; that inevitably forged a roadmap for my personal & professional growth.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Eisha Salim - Alum of 2016

    Business & Planning Lead (Corporate) | Mediavest at Brainchild Communications Pakistan

    Deciding to take up Master of Advertising as the next step in my academic life, along with managing a full-time job in Starcom Mediavest, was one of the most fruitful decisions for my career. With evening classes, experienced names from the industry as visiting faculty & constantly updated curriculum, the program prepares students for the real world & cut-throat competition in the media industry - where being smart is more important than the theories in the book.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Abdul Manan Shaikh - Alum of 2015

    Manager Marketing & Merchandising, Orient Textile Mills Limited

    MS program at SZABIST has been a great learning experience for me as it has certainly contributed to increase my research and analytical skills; enabling me to practically apply the concepts and techniques learnt in my job. I believe the contents and teaching styles of Management Sciences program are one of the best in Pakistan meeting international standards and I feel happy to have benefited from it.The best part of pursuing MS degree at SZABIST is having a highly trained faculty in the research department that is always there to provide students with complete guidance at each level of the research.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Danial Ahmed Qayam – Alum of 2015

    Group Marketing Manager, Pie in the Sky Pvt Ltd

    I have done my Bachelors and Master from SZABIST and I must say that it was the best 6 years I spent in my life. Life takes you to many directions, unplanned, teaches to overcome your fears, go beyond your thinking capacity and always challenge yourself into unchartered territories. SZABIST got me into all of that. While Academics was one part of my learning, personal grooming and becoming a responsible citizen was the highlight of my university life. I met with people from diverse backgrounds and taught me to be compassionate. It taught me to be humble. I must regard the teachers and the time I spent there to go beyond boundaries, explore and land in a place to do what you love. It is not just a career building experience but rather becoming a human being.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Komal Gopi – Alum of 2015

    Acquisition Partner at IKO Industries

    As I moved out of the gates of SZABIST in 2014, I carried with me not just a BBA & an MBA degree, but I carried a piece of each one of my faculty members’ knowledge and experience with me. Although I have HR majors, this institute has given me a well-rounded exposure of all business aspects, be it Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, MIS or HR. I am a different person today than I was six years ago, in my professional and personal interactions, because SZABIST has impacted me in a positive manner. I, and all SZABISTians for that matter, truly earn a SZABIST degree because they survive the rigor which this institute instills in you to prepare you for future professional challenges.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Aamash Altaf - Alum of 2014

    Director HR and Business Development, Ahmad Tex

    SZABIST changed my life. It transformed me from being someone who badly wanted to change his own life into someone who has changed other people's lives. Positively. From Academics to extracurricular, SZABIST provides its students with an unmatchable experience and trains them very well for what stands ahead of them in the real world.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Zurrain Farhan - Alum of 2013

    CEO, The Melts

    SZABIST - "A never ending beginning to an enduring relationship". People consider it as their second home, however for me it has been my only home where my actual learning of life began. I thank SZABIST for having played its part in almost every aspect of my life. All these learnings have proved to be vital when it comes to managing a key position. I am what I am because of my Parents and SZABIST. I’ll ensure to maintain my bond with SZABIST for life. Thank you SZABIST.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Madiha Malik Shahid - Alum of 2013


    MS/M.Phil in Media Sciences from SZABIST is one of the best things to have ever happened to me in a long time, I must say. Whether it be the workplace or an academic setting, interaction with people and effective communication distinguish humans from animal, as humans are social animals.

    SZABIST has been an important agent of communication in my life that educated me to socialize with different professionals from different schools of thought hence, enhancing my communication skills and making me a competent student as well as a successful Assistant Director at Masala-TV.

    Correct implementation of the Academic lessons learned is the step in the right direction and working as Assistant Director at Masala-TV channel is one leading me in that direction. It is the responsibility of the Academic institution to broaden the mind set and provide to the students a diversified experience, and I have witnessed that SZABIST as a responsible institution has fulfilled its promise.

    In conclusion, I will share my everyday thoughts about life which is a never ending journey of learning and any contribution made by any of the agents in one's life can't be a waste of time. In short, whatever I have learned at SZABIST has increased my knowledge in some way or the other, be it by making me a good human being or a good professional at work.

    I owe you SZABIST!!"

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Sorath Neel – Alum of 2013

    Data Architect & Report Analyst, Pace University, New York

    SZABIST didn't only improve my personality but also helped me prepare a stronger base to build my empire on. After my undergraduate degree from SZABIST, I moved on to have a Master's Degree from USA and have worked for a couple of organizations after. I can safely say SZABIST have a great Student Life. You can find all sort of resources and information that will help you learn and grow outside of the classroom, through student activities or volunteering opportunities, SZABIST opens to you a golden gate to the real life where you can test and apply your educational ideas and passion.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Maaz Ahmed - Alum of 2013

    Brand Manager, Dabur Pakistan

    In a span of four years of BBA, I not only found some of my closest friends but also developed a vast network of friends who, today, are spread across various countries. Many struggle to withstand immense pressure but SZABIST makes you a multi-functional powerhouse so you crave challenging tasks.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Salman Ahmed Sethi – Alum of 2013

    Manager Operations - Bancassurance, IGI Life insurance Limited

    I thoroughly cherish my time with SZABIST as a part of their EMBA Program. The methods of imparting education through an experienced and distinguished faculty certainly surpass the “Brick and mortar” approach institutes especially for working people like me. It has not only provided me with the requisite skill set to further my career, it also gave me an impressive network of smart, ambitious fellow students and alumni. It has helped me unlock my potential and further my career in a new direction enhanced by the learning which took place during my times at SZABIST.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Osama Saleem - Alum of 2013

    Business Director at Adcom Zenithmedia

    Opting for Media Sciences program from SZABIST was a choice I have never regretted. From being an introvert to extrovert, SZABIST improved all these aspects of my personality which gave me a push in my career and it still continues to. Good communication skills can never go wrong and that is what my faculty taught me. That is what the professional market requires.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Imran Abbasi - Alum of 2013

    Cluster Head-Retail Assets, United Bank Limited

    I found SZABIST, an incredible place that provided an excellent environment and quality education under the guidance of highly experienced faculty. I enjoyed my best memories of life, having a network of good friends and platform for interacting with professionals.
    The learning experience at SZABIST has been vital for enhancing my professional skills and career growth.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Muhammad Hussain – Alum of 2012

    Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts - Manager Digital & Loyalty Marketing

    “Think Different” that is one thing that SZABIST urges in and to far extent succeed in teaching to its students which invariably helps to achieve what you need. It nourished me and thus gave me an opportunity to define me.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Syed Sohaib ul Hassan - Alum of 2012

    Deputy Manager Brands, Amreli Steels Limited

    Four years of cherishing and learning new things every day not only from excellent faculty in class rooms but also from competent batch mates, helpful seniors, practical projects and extracurricular activities will always remain live in my memories. From an introvert person to a public speaker and a professional trainer, from a mediocre student to a corporate gold medalist, from an ordinary marketing graduate to 2 consecutive Pakistan Advertiser Society (PAS) award wins, SZABIST has played a pivotal role in transforming my personality both in personal and professional settings. I would like to thank SZABIST for making a meaningful change in my life and look forward give back.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Juzer Modi - Alum of 2012

    Producer at Sugar High Films, Director at Atomic Pulp

    It’s never that easy to secure a job while you’re yet to finish your graduation. Fortunately, studying at a top ranked university, I secured a job in the leading TV channel while I was in my third year.

    In 2012, I completed my BS in Media Sciences. The time that I spent at SZABIST was a worthy learning experience that advanced me in my skills and will always be helpful throughout my life. The relationship between faculties and student was very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The years spent here were splendid and has helped me to grow better professionally & personally. The practical assignments that I did actually taught me a lot about production and filmmaking.

    I’m currently working a Creative Group Head at Synergy Dentsu, and it gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I completed my graduation from SZABIST. I would like to thank all my teachers, staff and colleagues for making me the person “I Am,” today

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Avinash Rajput - Alum of 2012

    Manager HR Business Partner at K-Electric

    Opting for Media Sciences program from SZABIST was a choice I have never regretted. From being an introvert to extrovert, SZABIST improved all these aspects of my personality which gave me a push in my career and it still continues to. Good communication skills can never go wrong and that is what my faculty taught me. That is what the professional market requires.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Asma Zuberi - Alum of 2012

    Regulatory Affairs Pharma & Medical Devices Gulf & Pakistan at Baxter International Inc

    Learning from an experienced faculty at SZABIST visibly improved my professional skills; specially communication and managerial understanding; also more clarity of cross functional dynamics of finance and HR.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Raza Ali Soomro - Alum of 2011

    Senior Credit Risk Analyst at Bank Al Habib

    SZABIST's slogan we don't work hard, we work smart helped me a lot to place myself a fit in the corporate world. That's the reason that I pursued my BBA, MBA currently pursuing P.H.D from here.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Masood Ali khan - Alum of 2011

    Deputy Director, State Bank of Pakistan

    SZABIST is home of intellectual learning where individuals from diverse backgrounds across Pakistan and from other parts of the world come together. Learning at SZABIST was a magnificent experience as students, university's management and lecturers work together as friends and one family. I have spent memorable six years at SZABIST and time passed away in a blink of a moment. I wish to come back to SZABIST and continue a doctoral program.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Muhammad Saadat Anwar - Alum of 2011

    Head of IT and Acting Head of Operations at Sindh Microfinance Bank Limited

    SZABIST transformed my view to see around 360 degrees. Undoubtedly able faculty made my very tough regular evening MBA program not only interesting but also made me to cherish upon the successes I earned afterwards in my career.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Raheel Sher Memon - Alum of 2011

    Head Credit Administration South Corporate, Commercial, SME, FI, FIRMU & Islamic Banking at United Bank Limited

    Learning from such a splendid institute with vision, mission and goal has been a marvelous journey. Great people, great minds, fantastic environment with friendly and cooperative faculty. Especially the techniques taught for marketing and finance are admirable”. An unforgettable memory of precious era of life.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Sumair S. Shakir Alum of 2011

    Digital Marketing Manager at Careem

    Opting for SZABIST for my post graduate degree was a fantastic decision. Not only did I manage to secure a higher education, but I’ve gained lifelong mentors who have been instrumental in my growth both professional and personal. This is the salient strength of SZABIST’s Master’s Program, the visiting faculty who are able to illustrate the curriculum with real word experience.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Syed Hassan Arsalan - Alum of 2011

    Business Manager (Global Business Division-ASEAN, AFRICA & GCC) at The Searle

    MBA from SZABIST was an inspiration, a life changer. The skills I acquired made me a better professional, meeting the international standards. The analytical approach learned in the classrooms enriched me with the required skill set to face the global challenges.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Abdul Mohee Kazi - Alum of 2011

    TitleSales Promotion Manager (Trade Marketing) at Nestle

    Studying management at SZABIST has enabled me to learn how to be both an effective leader and an efficient decision maker. While functional business experts are always needed, it is just as critical to have professionals that are able to coordinate projects, delegate tasks, and lead initiatives. Management majors from SZABIST are not only well rounded academically, but personally and professionally as well. They have a broad range of exposure from both inside and outside classroom activities and projects.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Paras A Kyani - Alum of 2011

    Product Manager - Marketing Novo Nordisk Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd.

    SZABIST has nurtured and supported me in setting clear goals by providing an exceptional faculty and a framework for identifying how they can best work with and support the students in achieving their desired goals. SZABIST helped me in developing skills which enhanced my professional growth and individual competencies; critical, analytical and creative thinking, flexibility in team work and effective communication.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Ali Gul Pir - Alum of 2010

    Writer, Producer and Comedian

    SZABIST taught me to embrace who I am and not be apologetic about it. Those four years took a boy who lacked confidence and made him into an artist who connects with millions of people through his work. I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for the teachers and fellow students I met during my time in the University.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Ehtesham Saeed - Alum of 2010

    Joint Director, Office of the Corporate Secretary, State Bank of Pakistan

    One of the reasons I chose SZABIST was my thought that SZABIST is one of the best business school in Pakistan. Looking back, I see that this assessment was absolutely right. I can say in retrospect that the doing MBA from SZABIST was the one of greatest decision. I think that in the context of a Master program, it was very valuable to understand the Business Administration as a whole and not just to be an expert in a special area.

    SZABIST strengthened me enormously in my professional path. The knowledge that was imparted to me as a student has a lot of practical relevance, and the teaching was closely oriented to practice as well. During the time of my studies, I developed self-assurance that I was doing “my thing”. I am very thankful to SZABIST for this.

    A lot of professors and lecturers at SZABIST work in well-known companies, have their own businesses, or command large professional experience, which they have gathered via actual corporate practice. For sure, this gives the students a lot of opportunities. Lecturers share their knowledge and insights from the business perspective, what provides a much more precise and practical look at the theory.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Usman Ahmed Qayam - Alum of 2010

    Associate Director, Starcom MediaVest Group

    The enrichment of character and professional grooming is what has made me a success story in my field through the experience of SZABIST's business program. The challenges and exposure at SZABIST have been pivotal in harnessing my own strengths to great advantage. The institute provides the ingredients and environment that caters to all levels of talent and empowers students to recognize their core USPs and achieve personal and professional success.

    The supportive culture, student empowerment, evolving curriculum along with a robust academic and faculty structure is what makes SZABIST the most unique and valuable experience before one steps into the professional world and it's challenges.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Musavir Gajani - Alum of 2010


    I was in SZABIST to pursue Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) (Hons) from 2006-2010. In 2011, I moved to Birmingham, England for my Bachelors in Law (LLB Hons). Thereafter, I pursued the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) from City University London from 2013-2014 and was called to the Bar of England and Wales by Lincoln’s Inn. Currently, I am a Barrister-at-law working on various corporate transactions and litigation matters.

    My time at SZABIST from 2006-2010 played an important role in shaping me as a Barrister. SZABIST offered me an encouraging, accommodating and supportive environment. The classroom sessions gave me a strong grounding in fundamentals. They trained me to think independently, reason critically and argue creatively – the factors that turned out to be the most crucial ones while I was doing my legal studies in England. 

    In particular, I enjoyed the practical approach to teaching. The teaching methods used by the lecturers almost always involved practical assignments and/or projects which made the learning much easier. It was due to these methods that studying and learning was never an arduous task. 

    SZABIST also helped me learn the skill of striking a balance between the curricular and extra-curricular activities. I founded Young Senators’ Society and, while being the Founding President, it was really exciting to organize activities inculcating political knowledge among the youth and simultaneously achieving good grades. SZABIST was an academic home to me and is a great institution to study at, but with its charm and elegance, it offers much, much more to experience. 

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Adil Hussain - Alum of 2010

    Digital Manager at Philip Morris International

    As a tech graduate, I greatly value the business knowledge imparted alongside the emphasis on building social skills through the numerous extra-curricular activities. All of this has helped in developing graduates who can excel in the corporate world.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Salman Rashid - Alum of 2010

    Senior Account Manager at Helium Pvt Ltd

    Bachelors from SZABIST gave me a practical approach to Marketing. I was never a book worm and this Institute allowed me to experiment, learn, make mistakes and improve every day. I've had the best teachers for Marketing, Brand Management, Sales and Advertising and I believe I graduated as a completely different man who was ready to take on the world.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Mansoor Ali Jafri - Alum of 2010

    Business Head, Novartis Pharma Pakistan Ltd.

    Studying at SZABIST has been a lifetime experience that broadened my vision to newer panoramas; navigated by quality teaching staff; enabling me to stand –up against all the odds in the corporate world.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Imran Zawwar – Alum of 2010

    Regional Director (MiddleEast) Executive Development at Cranfield School of Management

    I owe my identity and achievements to SZABIST it gave me the urge to excel and the confidence to stand out amongst others. The skills I learned, working successfully with fellow students from different backgrounds and cultures, combining the best of competing business approaches and strategies, and constantly adapting and learning from the diversity of my colleagues are rare. These are essential, valuable skills in the international business world and it is this unique competitive advantage that SZABIST confers to all its graduates.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Moazzam Kamran - Alum of 2009

    Director Business Transformation at REDtone Digital Services

    “SZABIST was the most transformative experience of my life. It helped me understand that knowledge is the key to the door that is success. I am blessed to have studied at the institute and recommend it to others whole-heartedly”.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Faiza Karim - Alum of 2009

    Senior Manager Strategic Planning & Projects, Sanofi-Aventis Pakistan Limited

    Being a student at SZABIST was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life as the institute provided ideal environment to inspire young students and transform them into competent professionals. The faculty was very experienced & supportive and always shared strategic insights to equip students with the current knowledge and latest industry trends. Given the conducive learning environment and constant guidance of my teachers, I was able to secure some significant achievements to my credit. I earned Merit Scholarship each semester throughout the BBA program and was also awarded with Merit Gold Medal in recognition of my exceptional performance...this was indeed one of my most proud moments at SZABIST. My association with this institute has definitely improved my career prospects and has helped me to learn a number of specialized skills, which have contributed significantly throughout my career till date.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Uzair Shaikh - Alum of 2009

    Deputy Director, Ministry of foreign Affairs

    SZABIST has an open and engaging environment with numerous academic resources and a number of social events. Studying at SZABIST has helped me not only academically but it has also allowed me to develop a holistic approach towards managerial and administrative issues in my work routine. Despite pursuing my career in the government, I continue to use the professional skills I learned at SZABIST every work day.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Sumaira Malik - Alum of 2009

    Asia Pacific Expert, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

    Our esteemed faculty at SZABIST always encouraged me to think out of the box and experiment with diverse creative options. They also maneuvered me and my batch mates patiently during our student’s visits on national & international level. This balance of academic and extracurricular aspects sculpted me to endure as well as overcome the dynamic challenges related to travel, research and project management in my career.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Zain Hasan Zaidi – Alum of 2009

    Business Development Professional | Consultant for Intelligent IT Procurement & Rapid Business

    Studying at SZABIST was one of my life changing experience, beyond academic studies SZABIST has changed my perspective to understand personal and professional life. SZABIST has groomed and prepared me to face the challenges from corporate sector with confidence. It is one of the best institutions with competent permanent faculty and visiting faculty from different sectors of industry which provides diversified learning.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Fahad Masood - Alum of 2009

    Scheduler at DPR Construction

    The practical style of teaching at SZABIST offers a better way of learning which complements the industry in Pakistan. The best thing about my degree is that it doesn't limit me to one job – actually it has broadened my horizons. The overall quality of my MBA Course and what is offered has been good and it's certainly what I had expected it to be.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Jawad Bhatti – Alum of 2009

    Assistant Vice President & Head of Customer Services, BMA Capital Management

    Doing MBA in the evening program at SZABIST was an experience which has enhanced the level of my on-going professional career and equipped me with the knowledge to set and achieve loftier visions and goals. During my studies I found that the educational standards at SZABIST are excellent and can be compared with any top university in Pakistan and abroad. It is good to see graduates of SZABIST being hired in leading organizations of various industries, including my organization.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Faisal Ali Shaikh - Alum of 2008

    Head Client Services & Retail Technology Department, GfK Pakistan

    The best analytical process that was infused in me by highly experienced faculty of SZABIST that I have ever seen in my life. The total procedure of learning and embellishing personal development skills were a tremendous experience that got me today whatever I am currently. Its’ all because of associated with highly prestigious university.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Muhammad Zohaib Ayaz - Alum of 2008

    Head - Strategic Planning at Prestige Communications Pvt Ltd

    SZABIST is a top-notch educational institution that has prepared me to be a notch ahead of the rest in this fast paced corporate world. With its advanced academic curriculum, renowned & learned faculty and emphasis on creating a business like environment through challenging practical projects, frequent seminars and networking sessions - SZABIST promises and delivers an ‘invaluable’ experience that is not only memorable but also professionally exhilarating, bringing out the best in us!

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Shahmeer Ali Magsi – Alum of 2008

    Global Product Manager - Digital SCM at A.P. Moller - Maersk

    Studying at SZABIST has been a fulfilling experience. The time spent there has added to my personality and attributed to where I am today professionally.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Zeeshan Shalwani - Alum of 2008

    AVP/Relationship Manager – Financial Institutions, Bank Alfalah Limited

    SZABIST, the institute, an excellent center of learning has always pushed forward the idea of developing a professional career for all its students and has provided society with some of the best of all talented individuals. It has a deep connection with my professional well-being also and because of this institution, I am able to stand in the practical world with dignity, apt training and integrity. In other words this place makes me stand tall wherever I go. Wishing all the very best to SZABIST, always.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Ramesh Kumar-Alum of 2007

    Manager - Individual & Group Claim Operations at EFU Life Assuarance Ltd

    What an immense pleasure to express my experience at SZABIST, it was the year of 2002 when I became part of one of the best management university of Pakistan SZABIST, Karachi. When I completed my Post Graduation in the year 2007, I was enriched with full knowledge and learning of management science which certainly helped me to have great career success which I dream for..! I proudly say that SZABIST undoubtedly supported me to achieve my career goals as currently I am heading a department at one of the largest private life insurance company of Pakistan – EFU Life Assurance Ltd. Last but not least, I would recommend every new student that if you have any hallucinations and want to achieve those in your life personally or professionally, SZABIST is right place for you. I’d also like to thank our well trained and experienced SZABIST Faculty for playing such a significant role during my studies and making my life accomplished with prodigious future.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Muhammad Shahbaz – Alum of 2007

    Business Account Manager at Telenor

    The knowledge and experience gained from this institute throughout my Bachelors and Masters have definitely allowed me to standout in the professional arena. I feel proud to be recognized as a product of SZABIST in the industry.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Zeeshan Mustafa - Alum of 2007

    Head of Products - Assets and Liabilities, Personal Banking at The Saudi Investment Bank

    Having completed my degree in computer science, followed by Master in Business Administration, I can say that SZABIST is an extremely professional organization, which understands adult learning well, and provides resources that allow individuals to develop their skills. It is because of this unique quality that SZABIST enjoys a prestigious reputation around the world.

    Personally, SZABIST gave me the opportunity to enrich myself academically and provided a strong foundation to learn leadership qualities, coupled with the skills, knowledge and support to adapt to life in corporate world.

    If one is looking to be at the pinnacle of excitement and challenge, then SZABIST is the place to be!

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Taha Durrani - Alum of 2007

    Senior Marketing Manager at RB Canada

    I spent 4 crucial years of my academic life at SZABIST – learning everything from basic to complex principles within business management, as well as polishing myself to explore and excel in the corporate world. SZABIST has, no doubt, one of the best faculties in the country, and the environment it fosters truly augments an individual's growth. The ever-growing extra-curricular activities and societies present at SZABIST also helped me in developing a diverse network of contacts, involve myself in numerous on and off-campus projects, as well as collaborate with other business schools. SZABIST was indeed a life-changing experience.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Dr. Rizwan Raheem Ahmed – Alum of 2007

    General Manager at Medisave Pharmaceuticals

    The MS Program is challenging and well-grounded in hands-on application of theory and evidence guided practice. Classes are discussion, case study, project, research and exam based. I relished and learnt a great deal from the MS program at SZABIST. This program sharpened my Skills in research, and especially in Quantitative research, which helped me immensely while I was doing my Ph.D. degree. Apart from academics, MS Program gave me the opportunity to outshine in Pharmaceutical Marketing and taken a step up to an advanced position in a corporate arena as well.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Agha Zohaib – Alum of 2007

    Managing Director at Mindshare

    Choosing SZABIST for BBA & MBA was one of the best decisions of my life. Not only did I gain solid understanding of business and marketing in a global context, but I also honed critical skills such as strategic thinking, problem solving and networking skills that are pre-requisites to professional success in today's challenging environment. The best thing about SZABIST that it gives students a taste of the practical world by making courses more interactive and close to real life encounters in the professional world. That gives you a feel of being in the industry before time and prepares you for bigger challenges. SZABIST graduates are well recognized within Pakistan and even internationally, therefore, the job opportunities for new graduates are excellent.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Humair Junejo - Alum of 2006

    Deputy Director at Government of Pakistan

    SZABIST was a wonderful experience of my life, personally and professionally. I always felt at home while studying in SZABIST. The environment at SZABIST enabled me to hone my professional capabilities and the faculty gave me confidence to face the world and manifest my thoughts clearly. In fact, I have no hesitation in admitting that SZABIST played a pivotal role in my selection as Assistant Director in Intelligence Bureau, the premier Intelligence agency of Pakistan.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Bilal Nabi Lashari – Alum of 2006

    Marketing, Advertising, Sales and Customer Service, Canada

    I was a confused young boy with many aspirations when I applied at SZABIST, and a wise young man with a clear direction when I graduated. Any institute can teach you the course material and books, but it was SZABIST that taught us to apply these concepts at work professionally. It is an excellent platform for higher learning and has defined my personal and professional being. The training and guidance I got at SZABIST was truly transformative.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Amir Ahmed Khan – Alum of 2006

    Head of Business Development Pakistan (B2B) - at Total Parco Pakistan Ltd

    SZABIST has significantly contributed to my professional development. Studying at SZABIST was more challenging than I expected, therefore more rewarding as well in my development. The standard that SZABIST holds for its quality faculty, course design and continuous improvement is truly commendable.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Zafarullah Memon – Alum of 2006

    Manager HR, HSBC Bank Oman-Pakistan Operation

    Restarting studies after 15 years at SZABIST has become as excellent experience, especially with job responsibilities. An experienced faculty of SZABIST has provided me full support and guidance to enhance my vision as an HR professional. Acquiring my MBA Degree in the evening session has further accelerated my career. The method of learning and friendly atmosphere at SZABIST was excellent; it enabled me to complete my studies smoothly.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Bilal Habib Alum of 2005

    Client Director, Global Markets Group, Nielsen

    Having done both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees from SZABIST, the institute has played a major part of shaping my professional life. I believe one of the strongest assets SZABIST has is the ability to attract very vibrant and learned adjunct faculty from the professional market who are able to give students practical knowledge that extends beyond what was given to us in textbooks. This practical knowledge helps students gear up much better for the everyday challenges they face when they first enter the job market.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Ayaz Ali Soomro Alum of 2005

    Manager Market, FI Risk and Basel / Vice President, Meezan Bank Limited

    SZABIST has given me the opportunity to develop my skill set which enabled me to excel in professional environment & make myself grow in every aspect in this society. Great institution proving top level faculty and learning experience.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Muhammad Asif H. Ansari Alum of 2005

    Development Manager , Pak Qatar Family Takaful,Islamabad.

    After contesting nationwide competition for the award of scholarship of HEC, Pakistan for MBA, I had a choice to choose Business School for me to peruse my MBA. I chose SZABIST and this was one of the best decisions of my professional and business career. The time spent at SZABIST was great in learning and personality grooming. I learnt a lot from SZABIST and still admire my association with SZABIST.
    SZABIST is truly one of the best business schools of Pakistan and globe.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Muhammad Ehsan ul Haq - Alum of 2004

    National Manager Human Resources at Atlas Honda Limited

    Being a student of SZABIST, I must say, has been a rewarding investment. In the MBA program I learned a lot in many different ways from experienced faculty members. In a very real sense, I grew up at SZABIST, and learned how to fly, on the wings of knowledge and forbearance, into the wider world that lies beyond the campus and the spectacular mountains that surround it.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Siraj Iqbal Colombo – Alum of 2004

    Sales Director - Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Africa at Electrolux UAE

    I am basically a Computer Engineer and started off my career from a local IT company. During my job I started my MBA in the evening from SZABIST in 2002. This was the turning point where I got exposed to the business world and took bold career decisions. SZABIST has played a vital role in my career, where I met great people from the industry who guided me all the way till here.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Sadaf F. Abid – Alum of 2003

    Category Marketing Manager - Juices, Masafi LLC - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    There was never a doubt in my mind that the overall experience at an institution like SZABIST could not be explained in two words, 'sheer excellence' and being a part of this institution has shaped my outlook on life in many ways. It not only taught me values, but also made me realize the importance of people and, above all, perseverance.

    I attribute my dedication to my profession directly to the learnings I acquired from SZABIST. My methodical and analytical approach in matters both professional and personal is an outcome of the knowledge and training that was passed on to me by the excellent mentors here.

    SZABIST has played a key role in my advance as a thorough professional with a consistent penchant for excellence; I wish the institution continued success.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Rehan Hyder - Alum of 2003

    Senior Procurement Specialist, South Asia Region Procurement Services, The World Bank

    At SZABIST, I was able to recognize my latent potential and excel in the field of procurement. After MBA, my association as Visiting Faculty improved my ability for a deeper and a richer analysis, and the ability to articulate it. I owe a lot to both faculty and students at my alma mater.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Mariam Durrani – Alum of 2001

    Brand Building Consultant at Pakistan Cables Limited

    During my years at SZABIST, I enjoyed learning from professors with real world experience that helped me preempt market realities. The transparent teacher-student feedback, the world-class library, terrific network of friends and a never-ending focus on quality of output, made a great learning atmosphere. It's a journey I would never mind taking over and over again.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Syed Meraj Mohani - Alum of 1998

    Application/System Support Analyst, JP Morgan Chase Bank, USA

    After my involvement with the IT industry for 10 years, I joined SZABIST's MS (Software Engineering) program. SZABIST has the best faculty, at par with international IT industry standards. The exposure and professional skills I gained at SZABIST have helped enrich my concepts and have given me the confidence to work with the world's number 1 financial institution.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Sana Jalal- Alum of 2010

    Professional Brand Manager
    Oral Care & Beauty, Johnson & Johnson - MENAP, Head Office, Dubai.

    SZABIST is an alma mater that polished my skills as a team leader, an effective change catalyst and a marketer. It taught me not to judge difficulty at face value and pursues goals with optimism and energy. Here I realized a simple rule of success – give it all you've got – which is still helping me earn recognition at my workplace. In short, SZABIST's rigorous business curriculum, encouraging teachers and impossibly cool marketing projects changed my life. It made me a more confident person who's no longer afraid of unexplored terrains and opened for me a whole new exciting world of 'Ambition'.

    SZABIST Alumni In Focus

    Imran Baloch - Alum of 2010

    Associate Director - Large Companies at Mashreq Bank UAE

    Time spent at SZABIST is indeed one of the most memorable periods of my life. SZABIST not only prepares you to face practical difficulties of life, but also helps you in becoming a better human being. I got my fundamental knowledge, best friends and best moments of my life here.